The Market Square…The HSMP Circle

February 2023
Think Pieces

And so it is for nearly sixteen years – a milestone we will celebrate at the end of this quarter – HS Management Partners (HSMP) has consistently maintained a benchmark agnostic approach to the composition of client portfolios.  Three Black Swan events removed (Great Financial Crisis, Global Pandemic, Ukraine Invasion), HSMP’s benchmark agnostic nature remains foundational to our process, and to the success we’ve realized on behalf of clients.

The substantial growth in passive investing affords capital allocators low-cost alternatives to gain exposure by mimicking market indices.  It is therefore reasonable and entirely justified that HSMP demonstrate an ability to add value over time relative to these indices.  The “market square” is a nod to the style boxes and categorizations directed at managers, sometimes self-imposed, and occasionally determined by others.  The index benchmark for a given manager forms the hub from which the spokes of performance-centric peer group quartile analyses are conducted.

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