HS Management Partners is an SEC registered investment adviser singularly focused on the implementation of the HSMP Concentrated Quality Growth Equity portfolio.  The HSMP Concentrated Quality Growth portfolio is our only strategy and all resources of the Firm are dedicated to it.  Our approach consists of:

  • The selection, construction and active management of a concentrated portfolio of 20-25 quality growth businesses.
  • An emphasis on quality businesses operated by sensible professionals and possessive of strong future earnings/cash flow potential combined with attractive valuation.
  • A belief that growth & value are joined at the hip, and a demonstrated resolve to maintain our discipline with regard to business quality and valuation notwithstanding inevitable market ebbs and flows.

We employ a bottom-up, fundamentals first approach to our investment process and associated research.  We take a multi-dimensional approach to portfolio construction, with an ability and willingness to go across the growth continuum, up and down the market capitalization scale, and around the globe.  Our philosophy is benchmark agnostic as we do not seek to mimic any market index and aim to assemble a portfolio whose earnings and cash flows grow in a consistent, highly visible manner. While we maintain a long-term investment perspective, our mindset is that our clients’ capital is scarce capital and therefore believe that active management adds value in the application and investment of such capital.


At HSMP, our goal is to deliver positive absolute returns over time by owning good businesses, growing the earnings and cash flow stream yearly, and attaching ourselves to this stream at an attractive valuation.  We aim for positive absolute gains to translate into superior relative performance over investment cycles.


Note:  SEC registration does not imply any certain level of skill or training.  There is no guarantee that investing with HSMP will be profitable or that we will achieve our investment goals.  Please refer to Disclosures and our Firm Brochure (ADV Part 2A) for more information about our Firm, strategy, fees, and risks.

Investing in securities involves significant risks, including the risk of loss of the original amount invested.  Some material risks applicable to our investment strategy include (listed alphabetically): Active Management Risk, Concentration Risk, Equity/Foreign Securities Risk, General Economic and Market Conditions Risk, Liquidity Risk and Market Capitalization Risk.  This does not list every potential risk associated with our investment strategy.    See material risks applicable to our investment strategy and important information and disclosures regarding our Firm at www.hsmanage.com/disclosures/ and our Firm Brochure (at www.hsmanage.com/documents/ or upon request at 212-888-0060.  There can be no guarantee that investing with us will be profitable.    Past performance is not indicative of and does not guarantee future results.