Sail on…Year 15 of the HSMP Voyage

April 2022
Think Pieces

Sail On…Year 15 of the HSMP Voyage

The New Jersey coastline boasts some of the most majestic, family friendly beaches on the east coast, and beachcombers from all over the country frequent its shores.  My family enjoys the good fortune to own a little slice of Heaven on an 18-mile barrier-reef island known as Long Beach Island (LBI locally).

It is a place where no block of time is enough, that never gets old, that always excites, energizes, satisfies, relaxes, invites joy.  We watch as the tide rolls in and out, marveling at the celestial rhythm of the precisely timed meeting of sand and surf amongst the random plucking of sandpipers and grace of seagulls.

As HS Management Partners (HSMP) celebrates the fifteenth year of our performance track record (3/31/22), the natural cadence of our business allows me to express with pride our sincerest gratitude to all who have been a part of what we’ve achieved since the Spring of 2007.  Like the tide tables on LBI, we believe investment styles ebb and flow; and like sailors navigating rarely predictable conditions with instruments and experiential judgment, we rely on our investment discipline, and the perspective that fundamentals never go out of favor.  The resolve to anchor to our investment philosophy, and not chase offshore mirages, is a hallmark we believe served clients well over the decade and a half since our asset management practice began.

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