Recess from Excess

November 2022
Think Pieces

The pain and despair of the global pandemic is giving way to light and hope that the endemic phase is upon us, that life is normalizing.  Among the abundant signs is school being back in session, with kids young (and old) toting backpacks to enjoy in-person learning and social interaction with little to no encumbrance for the first time since the fall of 2019 – imagine!  Recess remains an important part of the school day, that interval when pent-up energy is unleashed, and kids enjoy free time to play, to socialize, to enjoy unstructured fun in an otherwise regimented day.  College students will soon be returning for a holiday recess, a time of reunion, family gatherings, “Turkey Day” parades, and the traditional Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game in the Motor City.

Financial markets have taken to recess in 2022, a recess from…

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